Monday, May 3, 2010


My experience at OBX was one of the best times I have had being an Ashland Student. The first picture is of the sunrise the first morning there. I took it when I went out for a run which I was unable to do the second day due to exhaustion! My favorite activity of the trip was probably kayaking in Monteo or our visit to the aquarium. This picture is of a turtle from the aquarium who, I think, is trying to fly. Another aspect of the class that I thought was neat came from our trip to the salt marsh right across from our camp ground. We read a paper on how the marsh periwinkle was destroying Spartina due to over harvesting of its predator, the blue crab. Well at the salt marsh, we witnessed the paper first hand. The Spartina were absolutely covered in Littoraria. Never have I read a journal article for a class and have actually got to see what was explained in the article in person. Also, in most of my classes, I never get to have conversations with and get to know everybody in the class. This trip allowed me to do just that :)