Monday, February 27, 2012

Ocean sciences on Twitter

If you are not on Twitter you might want to get an account if only to get a virtual tour of scientific conferences (of course there is lots of other stuff going on in the twitterverse).  Cruising around Twitter last week I stumbled upon the hashtag for the 2012 Oceans Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, co-organized by three prominent societies of ocean scientists.

By following #oceans2012 you can get a sense of the types of talks going on at the meeting, at least from the perspective of the marine science twitterati, which can be quite expansive.  Some random tweets:

Non-dominant diatom spp matter to vertical carbon flux-form rapidly sinking resting spores. Must know nat hist of your system!

Getting  at these meetings sometimes makes me wonder how many tons of plastic is used for coffee stirrers every year.

Fish can have sublethal neurological effects in high CO2. Decrease olfaction, learning problems. 

Great day of  talks and posters at  !! Excited to hear more tomorrow!

Speaker begins a talk saying that macroalgae are not as sexy as corals. I know some people who would beg to differ. 

Depends on depth, red sometimes masks blue -> dusky blue Why are some copepods red? "Less" visible to fish.

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