Monday, March 17, 2014

Is there a NASA for ocean exploration? (presentation).

We have benefited a good deal from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Many things we use in our everyday lives is due in large part to the space program. For instance, thanks to space exploration, we have had considerable advances in technology and in medicine. Cell phones, water filtration and purification, CAT scans, the ink pen have origins in the space program. A good deal of funding has gone into the space program. It has had some failures, but when you take a look at the things I listed, is it worth every penny? 

Taking marine biology you would think NOAA is the NASA for exploring the ocean. Remember that NOAAs mission is focusing on the ocean conditions and the condition of the atmosphere. This includes the National Weather Service (NWS). NASA and NOAA do work together in ocean exploration. NOAA is the ground crew while NASA takes charge of the (aging) satellites. However, this is limited. This partnership can only go so far. 

If we have a NASA like organization for ocean exploration, it can benefit us in many ways. We can have a better understanding of global warming, better ways to combat pollution, and have a sense of innovation thanks to our expiration of the ocean. We know more about space and the planets and starts in it, bus we know so little about our oceans. Edith Widder says that it can improve our understanding of evolution and discover biologics that can benefit the human species. With the help of voters, we can generate more public support for ocean exploration and science overall. 

I know this cartoon is about NASA but I am just using it to show how voters and leaders view science exploration. 

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