Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Giant crocodile in the United States

Recent studies have been done on the ancient giant crocodile Deinosuchus. Deinosuchus can grow to 29 feet long and can eat dinosaurs as large as them. This current study has been analyzing the jaw and fossilized crocodile dung, some of these specimens are from Georgia.It is predicted that these giant crocodiles fed on dinosaurs and large sea turtles.

Professor Schwimmer and his student Harrell believe dinosaurs were the main diet and preferred food; these conclusions were drawn based on the jaw size, teeth markings on dinosaur bones, and the evidence found in the fossilized dung. The evidence supporting this are the Deinosuchus teeth marks in the bones of dinosaurs found in many different locations in North America

The dung that was analyzed showed many shell fragments and sand particles; this led to the determination that they live in shallow marine waters. Schwimmer and Harrell recently presented their finding in many locations in the US.

Giant crocodile in the United States

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