Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oyster Reefs Invaded

The Olympian Oyster, commonly found on Tomales Bay in California, has begun to vanish due to humans moving certains species beyond their natural borders and habitats. Native and exotic species relationships may have an effort on the loss of critical habitats due to this discovery. David L. Kimbo, marine biologist and his colleagues from The Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory are responsible for this discovery. The loss of this Olympian Oyster will be dramatic because they provide many settlement habitats for different species. With this study, the habitat management and conservation efforts in Florida will be more successful to help restore the oysters. The Atlantic Coast crabs and snails are the explanation for this oyster decline because of the predator-prey mismatch. The native and non native species being introduced has caused the oyster habitat to become interrupted, which has lead to decline. Kimbo and his team are planning to keep studying this interaction to try and protect those Olympian oysters.

  • Reading the full article will give a more detailed explanation of this oyster decline.

Olympian Oysters

  • Picture shows the Intertidal Zone of Tomales Bay in California, the oysters are present on the rocks.

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  1. Very timely post, considering our discussion of oysters tomorrow. What exactly is the connection with Florida for this study of California mussels?