Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sea lion VS Octopus

Usually when you think of a sea lion, you get an image in your head similar to the one I get.

That was why I was surprised to find this video from National Geographic’s “Critter cam” called Sea Lion Attacks Octopus: An Epic Battle.
I had thought that it would show an octopus attack a sea lion pup, with an adult sea lion coming to the rescue. What it does show is a sea lion repeatedly attacking an octopus, trying to eat it. Ignoring the ink-spraying defense mechanism, the sea lion keeps dragging the octopus to the surface to gain the advantage in the fight.

Sea Lion Attacks Octopus: An Epic Battle

This video proves the cold fact that nature is not always cute and cuddly. Sometimes it is a cold, indifferent battle to the death for survival, where only the fittest comes out on top.

Source: National Geographic’s “Critter cam”

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  1. Obtaining food can be a vicious process, we see behaviors like this in terrestrial environments too. Many vegetarians become attached to cute pictures like the one you found and then they refuse to eat meat. I believe that every animal has it's purpose in life and everyone needs to eat to survive.