Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thin Billed Prions pick their molting grounds on their own

After seeing many marine birds in class, this one, the Thin Billed Prion, acts different. Migration is common in birds, from geese to the soothy shearwater which travels around the world one and a half times.

The Thin-Billed Prion spends its molting season in two different areas, which are very different from each other. It is suggested that this is an adaption, that these seabirds can change their habitat based on the harsh and differing conditions of the oceans.

During their molting season, it appears as if they either travel to the Antarctica, or on the coast of Brazil. The vast majority of the birds tend to molt in the Antarctic waters, but a few individual birds will go to Brazil. Genetically the same, these are not different species of birds going their own way, they are the same species picking two different spots. This demonstrates that there is flexibility in the marine birds behavior.

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  1. Very interesting. It is weird that the same species goes to different temperatures to molt. I wonder if the birds that go to Brazil are older and needs a warmer climate. I do know animals can have arthritis too.

  2. This is interesting. I wonder if these birds have been adapting this way for a long time, or if it is in response to "global warming" or human interference of some kind.