Friday, February 26, 2010

Bluefin Tuna

The bluefin tuna plays a crucial role in the marine ecosystem as well as in the consumer market(which has grown to become a $7.2 billion industry). Upon reading a New York Times article reporting the decline of bluefin tuna populations, I was interested in the fate of this threatened species. I have obtained journal articles (listed below) which focus on current methods of tracking this species, as well as studying the behavior of bluefin tuna and its ecology. A better understanding of the bluefin tuna will help save this species and ultimately benefit marine ecosystems and preserve its role in the world economy.

-Measurement of the size, shape and structure of Atlantic bluefin tuna schools in the open ocean, Nathaniel K. Newlands (Fisheries Research Volume 91, Issue 1)

-Habitat mapping of the Atlantic bluefin tuna derived from satellite data: Its potential as a tool for the sustainable management of pelagic fisheries, Jean-Noël Druon (Marine Policy Volume 34, Issue 2)

-Spike dives of juvenile southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii): a navigational role?, Willis, Jay(Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology Volume: 64 Issue: 1 )


  1. This is a species of great concern, and there is some great research out there on its biology and on the fishery.
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