Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jaws can't be held captive

We have all seen the movie Jaws where an enormous great white shark attacks a beach and causes mass panic. In order to better understand these deadly predators, Monterey Bay aquarium held a great white shark for a record of six months. The shark after being released after its 198 day stay was tagged with a sensor that measures depth, dives, and preferred water temperature. The shark weighed in at 154 pounds and was released because she was killing the other animals in her tank. Another article using a similar tag followed a great white shark from the coast of California to the coast of Hawaii. The shark stayed in the warmer Hawaiian waters for nearly four months. During its oceanic voyage to Hawaii, the great white shark was observed to have made several very deep dives which is not very well understood by scientists. with more time, great white sharks will be better understood and hopefully less threatening to humans.

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