Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The meaning of Biodiversity

Tom Zeller Jr. published an article in the New York Times in the Global Business section on January 31, 2010, where he discussed the current topic of biodiversity and the failed efforts in protecting biodiversity. The year 2010 is the Internaitonal Year of Biodiversity whcih many people do not know this, as well as myself. Most people do not even understand what the word means or have not ever heard the word before. There is a lot of evidence that shows how society is losing it's connection with the natural world by not being able to recognize different organisms all around their enviromnment such as beetles and certain trees. According to Ahmed Djoghalf who is the executive secretary of the Convention of Biological Diversity, understanding biodiversity can have positive affects on our world such as "medical discoveries, economic development, and adjusting to new challenges as climate change." Djoghlaf and his team are trying to find achieveable goals for the nation in fixing the "significant reduction" in biodiversity loss. In the end, a continueds loss of biodiversity will lead to major consequences for our planet and how it works, but only us as humans can make a change in fixing this problem.

Reading the full article will show how Ahmed Djoghlaf and his team are planning to achieve their current goals for the nation on saving biodiversity and show efforts that other environmentalists are taking to fix the biodiversity problem.

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  1. It's good that we are now recognizing our effects on different ecosystems and the creatures in it, but it's too bad it took us so long to take action. When I talk to my grandparents about wanting to be part of Green Peace or other environmental organizations, they don't see a point in it. To them, our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and create a "greener" world is a waste of time...