Thursday, March 15, 2012

Marine Bioluminescence

We have all had experience with terrestrial organisms using bioluminescence such as fireflies and glowworms but it is not a often that people have encountered this in marine habitats.  Many of these organisms exist in deep ocean and have not been studied thoroughly for this reason. However, some are familiar such as the hatchet fish, lantern fish, and the wonderful anglerfish as shown in Finding Nemo.  This adaptation can be used for multiple reasons including camouflage, communication, and hunting.

In my presentation I plan on discussing:
-Background on this trait
-The reason for bioluminescence including bacteria
-Reasons that this adaptation is important
-Specific groups or species that use this adaptation and how they use it to their benefit as well as habitats of these animals 

Scientific literature and background links:
Bacterial Bioluminescence
Luminescent Lure
Deep Sea

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  1. I'm very excited to hear your presentation on bioluminescence! I find this so amazing how fish can adapt to deep, dark, ocean waters and are able to do this.