Thursday, March 15, 2012


Seahorses are more than just pretty fish to look at, they play a major role in the ocean ecosystem.

Presentation will include the description of seahorses, mating behavior, section of habitat, and concerns for future of the population as a whole. Because there are so many different species, over 30 that have been described, the focus will be on the genus Hippocampus in the family Syngnathidae. Many of the species are endangered and researches are working on methods to protect them. Each species has a unique look and size to it making this such an interesting part of the ocean.

 Fun Facts:  They are ray-finned fishes.
                   Found all over the world.
                   Many carry diseases so seahorses as pets can be risky.   

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  1. So there is more to sea horses than just being cute? :) I'm ready to learn more about seahorses, and what they do to the ecosystems in the ocean.